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Making Life Cinematic

Professional Videographer Based in Scotland, UK

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About Me

Hello, I'm Leonardo Zorzi, a filmmaker and musician originally from Brazil. My passion for visual storytelling was ignited with a degree in photography, which led to a transition into videography.

In 2019, I ventured to the UK to expand my horizons as a filmmaker, and this move resulted in the birth of VITSU, a platform where I turn everyday moments into compelling narratives.

Alongside my filmmaking, I've honed my music skills, mastering the guitar, violin, and drums. My commitment to the art of sound was globally recognised in 2021 when I won the Best Original Soundtrack at the Indie Film Music Contest.

Drawing inspiration from the words of G.K. Chesterton, my work philosophy is a reflection of his vision: to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. This concept, beautifully illustrated in Chesterton's 'Tremendous Trifles', forms the cornerstone of my work at VITSU. The aim is not just to observe the world but to see it, to appreciate the underlying beauty and charm in the seemingly mundane, and to share these captured moments through my lens.

I invite you, alongside me, to embark on this journey of discovery, finding wonder in the everyday, and the hidden beauty that surrounds us.

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Services I Offer



I orchestrate music videos to act as a visual symphony for your song's narrative. 

Image by Andreea Avramescu


I strive to embody your brand's essence, presenting it to the world with clarity, honesty, and cinematic elegance.

Bride and Groom Sitting


I document the unscripted joy and genuine emotions of your special day, preserving the moments as they naturally occur.

Flying a drone at dusk in the city


As a UK-registered, licensed drone pilot, I offer a fresh perspective on aerial videography. 

Special Requests?

Your vision matters to me. If you have any specific ideas or requests that go beyond my listed services, please feel free to discuss them with me. I am committed to bringing your unique vision to life.

My Process

My approach to each project is rooted in precision, clarity, and flexibility. Our process has been meticulously refined to align with the unique requirements of each client. Here's a snapshot of how we work

Image by Iyus sugiharto

1. Initial Consultation

Understanding Your Goals

In this phase, we gather all the necessary details about your project. We discuss your objectives, target audience, and budget, using this information to develop a tailored strategy for your video.

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My Team

Production Assistant Portrait

Caspian Lovadi

Our indispensable Production Assistant, ensuring everything runs smoothly behind the scenes

Mix Engineer Portrait

Windi Ribeiro

The Mixing Engineer wizard, harmonising visuals and sounds to create a seamless cinematic experience.

The prettiest woman in the world Portrait

Hannah Charles

Not only my future wife but also the heart of my creative brainstorming and invaluable Creative Assistant.

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Expert Videography in Aberdeen & Beyond

Based in Aberdeen, we offer top-notch videography services both locally and throughout the UK. We're at your service Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm, ready to capture your unique stories.

Image by Billy Freeman
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Got a query or a project idea?

Thinking about how aerial imagery could elevate your next project?


Let's discuss it. Contact us today to arrange your free 15-minute consultation.


Whether you're filled with ideas or just have some questions, we're here to help. Contact us now and we'll get back to you promptly.


Your aerial adventure starts here.

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