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Image by Rob Simmons

Film Scoring

Our passion for music drives us to craft beautiful and emotionally charged scores for films, advertisements, and other visual media.

We have a deep understanding of the power of music to elevate storytelling and enhance the viewing experience. Our goal is to create music that not only supports the visuals but also adds depth and meaning to the story being told.

We work closely with directors, producers, and other stakeholders to ensure that our compositions perfectly complement the vision for each project. Our years of experience and expertise allow us to bring a unique and captivating touch to each and every score we create. 

Diga ao Meu Pai Que Estou Bem Film Poster
Bem, te Quero Film Poster
Dom Xavier Film Poster
Healthy Long Life Film Poster

Diga ao Meu Pai que Estou Bem
(Tell My Father I'm Okay)

Role: Composer

Director: Bruna Fracascio

Bem, Te Quero
(Well, I Want You)

Role: Composer

Director: Bruna Fracascio

Don Javier

Role: Arranger

Director: Cadu Rosenfeld

Healthy Long Life

Role: Arranger, Orchestrator

Director: Daniel Kennedy


Orion Terry


This project was a collaboration between Orion Terry, a skilled VFX artist and Leonardo Zorzi, resulting in an animated epic that pushed the limits of imagination. The soundtrack, expertly crafted by Leo, added an extra layer of wonder and elevated the stunning visuals.

Bear Hugs

Indie Film Music Contest


In 2021, Leonardo Zorzi composed the soundtrack for the short film "Bear Hugs." His hard work and musical talent were recognized when he won first prize in the Indie Film Music Contest. This achievement highlights Leonardo's mastery in creating a haunting and evocative soundtrack that perfectly captured the delicate subject matter of the film, showcasing his ability to bring emotions to life through music.

Image by Rob Simmons

Arrangements & Orchestration

We understand the delicate balance of blending musical elements to create a harmonious and impactful sound.

Our passion for elevating the emotion of each piece drives us to carefully craft arrangements that enhance the original composition and bring it to new heights. Whether it's for a film score, theatrical production, or concert performance, our expertise in orchestration ensures that each instrument and section of the orchestra is utilised to its fullest potential. 

IDA JANE – You're Beautiful
Assaf Kacholi - quizás, quizás, quizás
MAJOR TO MINOR: Titanic Theme Song in a Minor Key ("My Heart Will Go On")
Along This Winding Road (feat. Misko)  - The Cumberland River Project
MAJOR TO MINOR: What Does "Someone You Loved" Sound Like in a Minor Key? (Lewis Capaldi Cover)
Heaven's Lullaby - Brandon and Caylin Hixson with the Ennis Community Choir
Vapor Trail - THE WIND RISES / ひこうき雲【Studio Ghibli】w/ English Sub
Never Alone - Brandon Hixson (Tabernacle Worship)
Harden My Heart (Orchestral Version) - Brandon Hixson and Leonardo Zorzi (Quarterflash Cover)
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