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A Love Story in Pictures

The Perfect Match of Love & Cinematography

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Capturing all the special moments

From first looks to intimate dances, we are committed to catching every bit of emotion on film

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Cinematic Touch 

While many stick to the standard, we go a step further, using cinema cameras to offer a wedding video with a rich film aesthetic that is both rare and special.

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Flexible budget options

Because no two couples are alike, we make sure to bring you something tailored to fit your unique needs

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Sarah & Damien
Caitlin & Stuart
Milly & Dom
Jaime and Lewis
Jessie & Ryan
Ginny & Gareth
Amber & Sarah
Jade and Brad
Hyo Jeong & Won Young

Eternalize the moments

We’re all about capturing the essence of your wedding. This isn’t just a condensed version of your wedding film, but a short cinematic video that showcases the most beautiful and memorable moments of your day. Our acute attention to detail ensures every moment is captured with precision. You deserve to have the best day of your life in the most vivid way possible. With the sounds, moving expressions, and ambiance that only a video can provide, our highlights videos provide an emotional and engaging way to relive your day and share it with others. It’s not just a film, it’s your story told from every perspective.

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Wedding themed icons

What’s Included

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Cinema Cameras

Why do our videos look different? It’s because we use cinema-grade cameras. Unlike standard video cameras, these capture a wider color spectrum and provide a more vivid image, giving your wedding video a unique Hollywood-like aesthetic.  It’s more than just a video, it’s your special day brought to life with a touch of cinematic magic.

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Above & Beyond

We believe in capturing your special day from every angle, and that includes from above. Our Certified Drone Pilot is ready to take flight, offering a unique perspective on your day. This aerial view not only enhances the visual appeal of your film but also showcases the beauty of your chosen venue in a way that ground-level footage simply can’t.

Drone footage still
Drone footage still
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Super 8 Scene
Super 8 Scene
Super 8 Scene
Super 8 Scene

Vintage Vibes

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There’s something timeless about the look and feel of vintage cameras. We take inspiration from the past to create a unique look for your film. By incorporating elements reminiscent of Super 8 film, we add a touch of vintage charm to the final video. This approach enhances the candid moments and gives your video a distinct, artistic quality. 


Spontaneity: Our Secret Sauce

Who needs posing when the beauty lies in authenticity? We steer clear of staged, robotic videos, allowing the genuine emotions and interactions to take center stage. When necessary, our instructions are simple and unobtrusive. We’re not about dictating every hand placement or glance. Instead, we let your day unfold naturally, turning those spontaneous moments into your personal masterpiece.

Wedding candid moment
Wedding candid moment

Prices & Packages



1 Videographer

Full Day Coverage

4-8 Min Highlight Video

Drone Cinematic Footage

Selected Background Music

Delivered in 4K



2 Videographers

Full-day Coverage

20-40 Min Feature Film

Drone Cinematic Footage

Multiple Soundtracks

End Credits

30-Sec Teaser Film in 7 days

Delivered in 4K


Add-ons included:

Full Speeches & Ceremony

External Hard Drive



1-2 Videographers

Full Day Coverage

15-20 Min Highlight Video

Full Speeches & Ceremony

Drone Cinematic Footage

30-Sec Teaser Film in 14 days

Selected Background music

Delivered in 4K

Add-ons included:

Full Speeches & Ceremony


Full Speeches & Ceremony

Delivered Separately

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Get the complete, uncut versions of speeches and the ceremony as separate deliverables.


External Hard Drive

with raw footage

Receive all the unedited raw footage captured during the event on a hard drive.


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Don't just take our word for it

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Sarah & Damien

On the day Leo was so professional, subtle and unobtrusive and partnered wonderfully with our photographer, our guests thought they always worked together. His discreet and charming presence allowed us to be ourselves, which has led to a stunning video that truly reflects the magic of the day. It has been beautifully edited with the perfect music selection and timing. It really captures the emotion and story of our special day. 

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Catlin & Stuart

Leo is extremely professional while remaining friendly and easy to work with. He is very discrete and subtle when filming to ensure the moment feels as genuine and natural as possible. Our wedding video was returned promptly but we wouldn’t have minded waiting months for the outstanding quality of footage we received . We couldn’t have imagined a more perfect wedding video. Thanks Leo!

Amelia Stills_1.15.1.jpg

Milly & Dom

OH MY GODDDDD!!!!!!!! 

We are watching this stuck in traffic on the motorway, crying and beaming from ear to ear! We couldn’t have ever imagined anything so beautiful. The most incredible wedding video I’ve ever seen. Thank you so so so so much for capturing everything so beautifully, you are beyond talented.